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Gopolar Azure Dragon Switches V3

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70 ct.
Switch Azure Dragon
Type Tactile 5-pin Switch
Spring 18mm Two Stage
Force Operating 63g, Bottom 67g
Stem POM, PANTONE 7471C color
Top Housing Made of Polycarbonate, PANTONE 291C Transparent color
Bottom Housing POM, PANTONE XG Violet C color
Other lubed

    With a 63g activation force and a 67g bottom out force, Gopolar Azure Dragon V3 Switches offer a medium-strong typing experience that's ideal for heavy-handed typists and gamers who often find themselves making accidental keystrokes. 

    The V3 has been upgraded in multiple ways. The upper cover mold has been modified to solve an issue that could cause damage when being pulled out. The springs have been upgraded with gold plating to increase their strength. And the bottom case mold and material have been upgraded to POM to enhance their bottoming-out sound and to make them easier to pull up. 

    The switch housing is made of a combination of transparent polycarbonate and resilient low-friction POM stem for smooth and muted downstrokes, while a two-stage gold-plated spring delivers a faster, firm upstroke. Lubrication has been added to each switch to dampen auditory resonance across your board. 


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