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Lele Maxum 65 Keyboard Kit

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As the name suggests, "Maxum" Rapid Prototyping Machine is primarily chosen for its quick setup and being a pretty decent Gasket-structured keyboard.

Maxum is a better alternative compared to traditional stack-up entry or plug-in stack-up entry. Isn't it a bit challenging to get started with those entry-level aluminum blocks that cost thousands? Take a look at Maxum!

"Maxum" is a collection of optimal solutions:

  • Easy to process (you can also DIY accessories)
  • More reasonable structure
  • Aluminum alloy enhancement
  • Better-looking lights
  • Quite aesthetically pleasing
  • Lele Link with three modes
  • Pleasant and delightful sound.
  • Features
  • Hotswappable
  • Gasketmount
  • Side LED bars, switch LEDs
  • Programmable via Lele Console based on QMK or VIA

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