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Outva Keycaps Box

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Only 1000 customizations are supported

Storage display
Imported PC injection molding, high strength, transparent and visible, protection, storage and display, stable and reliable stacking.
Magnetic attraction opening and closing
Magnetic attraction with proper opening: open the shell calmly and elegantly, saying goodbye to the confusion and embarrassment of the keycaps of "great efforts to create miracles" when opening the box; It is easy to close the shell. It can be closed firmly with a flick.
Compatible and powerful
Six rows of 15.5u + 3U and five rows of 14.5u + 3U configurations can be compatible with up to two ISO carriage returns at the same time. 17.7mm internal height, compatible with SA, OEM, cherry original, DSA, WDA and other popular keycaps.

Product parameters
PC material
Magnetic attraction opening and closing
External dimension: about 222.8 × three hundred and forty-four point six × 22.7 mm
Inner height: About 17.7 mm
Row spacing: About 18.3 mm
Weight: about 570 G